CATHERINE GRANT has published widely on theories and practices of film authorship, adaptation and intertextuality, and has edited or authored important collections of work on world cinemaLatin American cinemadigital film and media studies, and the scholarly online video essay (see herehere and, most recently, here).

A relatively early and prolific adopter of the online short video form, Grant is internationally known for her work on the audiovisual essay in film and moving image studies, especially in found-footage, first-person and essay-film forms. She has produced well over 200 videos to date, herself, dozens of which have been published in online journals alongside her written reflections on these forms and their emergent role in film and media studies, especially in relation to theories of film spectatorship, material thinking, and psychoanalytic object relations. A longstanding practitioner as well as theorist in the field, her videos have screened at film festivals and film museums around the world.

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CG long profile pic
Photograph by David X. Green, May 2018.