The epigraphic video essay as an epistemological instrument

Links and resources pertaining to the presentation by Catherine Grant for the  Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF public lecture and discussion series of the project “Creating Knowledge. Videographic-essayistic research as an epistemological instrument”

Image from Out of Place (Or, Lost in Nomadland) by Catherine Grant, 2021

Presentation : The Epigraphic Video Essay as an Epistemological Instrument

Videos – mentioned or screened

Un/Contained: A Video Essay on Fish Tank, published in ‘Beyond tautology? AudiovisualFilm Criticism’, Film Criticism, Vol. 40, No.1, 2016. Online at:

Facing Film by Johannes Binotto (2017):

Wollen Epigraph by Christian Keathley:

Bush Mama Epigraph by Neepa Majumdar:

American Dreams (Lost and Found) by James Benning (1984) – at Holly Willis’s Scalar project Writing Images:

50 years on by Christian Keathley (2011):

Curated by Catherine Grant, “The Audiovisual Essay: My Favorite Things”, [in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies – a Cinema Journal/MediaCommons Collaboration, 1.3. September 2014 on The Audiovisual Essay: Practice and Theory. Online at:

Video Epigraph exercise at ‘Scholarship in Sound & Image: A Pedagogical Essay’ by Christian Keathley and Jason Mittell:–image

Video Essay Podcast Epigraph exercise: and

Memories of Heidi by Catherine Grant (2014) :

Touching the Film Object by Catherine Grant (2011): (with audio commentary:; and transcription:

Catherine Grant, ‘The Shudder of a Cinephiliac Idea? Videographic Film Studies Practice as Material Thinking’, ANIKI: Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image, 1.1, 2014, Online at:

(Also on material thinking: Catherine Grant, ‘Dissolves of Passion: Materially Thinking through Editing in Videographic Compilation’ in The Videographic Essay: Practice and Pedagogy edited by Christian Keathley, Jason Mittell and Catherine Grant, including all the quoted videos:

Carnal Locomotive by Catherine Grant (2015): (and ‘making of’ article:

Jessica McGoff on Carnal Locomotive in “Expresser, Agitator, Salve and Mirror: the Video Essay and Contemporary Cinephilia”, MA Thesis, UvA, 2017. Online at :

Lesley Stern, ““Once I’ve Devoured Your Soul We Are Neither Animal Nor Human”: The Cinema as an Animist Universe,” The Cine-Files, 10, 2016. Online at:

Out of Place (Or, Lost in Nomadland) by Catherine Grant, 2021

VEDTTE – For Laura Mulvey by Catherine Grant, 2021