Essay Film Studio Presentations May 4 2021

Links and resources pertaining to the two presentations by Catherine Grant for the Essay Film Studio at the vnLab of Łódź Film School

Presentation 1: The Gesture of Defamiliarization: Or, The Audiovisual Essay as Screen Studies Device


Videos – mentioned or screened:

Excerpts from: Quote Unquote: The Unattainable Film Text in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Cotton – the Fabric of Genocide by Cydnii Wilde Harris (2018)

True Likeness (2010)

Un/Contained: A Video Essay on Fish Tank, published in ‘Beyond tautology? AudiovisualFilm Criticism’, Film Criticism, Vol. 40, No.1, 2016. Online at:

Fated to be mated: An architectural promenadeFilmanalytical, December 2018.

The Secret Thoughts of Laura Jesson (as Voiced by Celia JohnsonCatherine Grant, 2017

Pick One (2018)

Beast Fables:  “I just missed your heart”, “You should have told me, Mother,” and “You’re so very cruel,” three videos published in ‘Beast Fables: A Videographic Study of Cinematic Deer and Transhuman Children’, The Cine-Files: A Scholarly Journal of Film Studies, 14, Spring 2019:

With Deborah Martin, ‘Water Turtles / Tortugas aquáticas’, 16:9, September 2019.

The Haunting of The Headless Woman, (English language version here:

Presentation 2: The Epigraphic Video Essay


Videos – mentioned or screened:

Notes to a Project on Citizen Kane by Paul Malcolm (2004):

Facing Film by Johannes Binotto (2017):

Wollen Epigraph by Christian Keathley:

Bush Mama Epigraph by Neepa Majumdar:

American Dreams (Lost and Found) by James Benning (1984):

50 years on by Christian Keathley (2011):

Mechanised Flights – Memories of Heidi by Catherine Grant (2014) :

Touching the Film Object by Catherine Grant (2011): (with audio commentary:; and transcription:

Carnal Locomotive by Catherine Grant (2015): (and ‘making of’ article:

At the Limit (Or, vice versa) by Catherine Grant (2017):

Lquid Perception by Catherine Grant (2019):