David Sterritt’s Online Writings, and an ethical declaration

A quick post to note that I’ve added a new site to Film Studies For Free‘s list of ‘Individual Authors’ Online Writing Of Note’. David Sterritt, author of notable books on Hitchcock, Godard, Gilliam, Altman, has a personal website which has an articles page containing all manner of links to excellent online publications of his on Godard, Coppola, cinephilia, and other topics.

On behalf of FSFF, I will continue tirelessly to fossick in search of such online gems as this, but I am always grateful for any information about similar resources from readers.

I end on an ethical note, as these are the early days of this blog: my recommendations in FSFF posts will always abide by the principles of ‘full disclosure’ of any relevant (personal, professional, or commercial) connections.

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