Will DiGravio interviews Catherine Grant for THE VIDEO ESSAY PODCAST!

Will DiGravio just published Episode 2 of his new show THE VIDEO ESSAY PODCAST, which features a truly in depth interview with me about the detail of how I make my work, and in particular about how I made my recent video essay The Haunting of THE HEADLESS WOMAN.

The Haunting of THE HEADLESS WOMAN from Catherine Grant on Vimeo.

49 minutes in, we also get to talk about our love for one of my favourite video essays: Cydnii Harris‘s COTTON:THE FABRIC OF GENOCIDE.

Cotton – The Fabric of Genocide from Cydnii Harris on Vimeo.

Thanks, Will, for your enthusiasm, knowledge and advocacy of this form – I’m going to love following the podcast!

(Next episode in two weeks: Philip J. Brubaker gets the THE VIDEO ESSAY PODCAST treatment!)


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